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Safer lifting, efficient solutions

Nautilus Hooks™ is setting a new standard in global workplace safety, revolutionising the lifting industry and heralding the next generation of hooks. The unique safety features and design of this lifting hook eliminate the risk of pinch and trap injuries, and the configuration between handle and lock leads to an easier arm action to alleviate wrist strain

About Nautilus Rigging

Nautilus Rigging was established in Aberdeen, Scotland, in 2007 with the aim of developing our innovative concepts to produce a new, versatile, and safer type of lifting hook that eliminates the inherent pinch and trap hazards associated with the use of traditional lifting hooks.

Our commitment to safety and technological leadership was the motivation behind a three-year research and development programme that has resulted in the Nautilus Hooks™ range of self-locking safety hooks.

Our development programme culminated with field testing of Nautilus Hooks™ in the demanding North Sea oil and gas sector where the product’s unique safety features achieved exceptional results.

All Nautilus Hooks™, for which UK and International Patents are pending, are forged from high-quality alloy steel to our stringent quality assurance programme which provides our customers with a reliable, traceable, low maintenance, and – above all – safer lifting hook.

The unique design of Nautilus Hooks™ sets a new global standard in safety hooks and is revolutionising the lifting industry, bringing major safety and operational benefits across a diverse range of industries including construction, mining, shipping, and the offshore oil and gas sector.

New Developments in Subsea/ROV Hooks

Continuing this tradition as innovators in lifting equipment Nautilus Rigging have recently developed a revolutionary new type of ROV/Subsea lifting hook. By adapting their patented lock technology the company has developed the only "positive locking" lifting hooks specifically designed to greatly improve operational safety for Subsea/ROV lifting.

The unique "positive locking" function of the Nautilus subsea range provides operators a safe, secure, ROV lifting hook that sets the new standard for subsea lifting by eliminating the possibility of "self release", a common hazard associated with the traditional "snap on" style ROV hooks.

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